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Quality assurance

During construction the highly skilled experts of the Company, carry out monitoring of all construction processes, timely reveal discrepancies, take warning and adjusting actions for achievement of required quality.

The list of equipment on quality assurance

1. For quality assurance of excavation works:
• Digital theodolites and levels.

2. For welding quality assurance:
• X-ray equipment SITE –X D3006; Arina 5; Arina 7;
• Intratubal self-propelled kroulers JME 10/60 and JME 24 with electromagnetic control system;
• Digital system “Kodak” ACR-2000;
• Automatic photographic developing apparatus “Kodak”;
• Ultrasonic defectoscopes UD 4T;
• Penetrometers of ASTM, API-1104 standards;
• Dynamic durometer TD32.

3. For insulating works control:
• Calibrators for insulating cover “Elcometr ELC211”, “Elcometr 456”;
• Adhesiometer AMC-20;
• Spark defectoscopes “Krona 2r”; Tinker Razor.

4. For painting works control:
• Universal device for quality assurance of surface preparation
“Constanta K5” with gauges:
• surface roughness control;
• dew-point temperature;
• relative humidity;
• surface temperature;
• air temperature;
• Contact thermometers TK 5;
• Calibrators for wet layer of paint and varnish covering “Constanta G2”.


FT Laboratory and Quality Control


Quality control of work is done by Field Test Laboratory (FTL).


Quality control of welding works:

The following control methods are used for quality control of welding works;

- Visual-optical;

- X-ray;

- Ultrasonic;

- Dye penetrant;

- Mechanical testing of samples.


Quality control of insulation works.

- Continuity check by Holiday detector;

- Control of adhesion of film coatings and heat shrink sleeves (HSS);

- Control of thickness of insulation coating;

- Control of temperature during installation of HSS;

- Control of surface preparation quality: quality of cleaning and scaliness.   


Control of quality of application of paint coatings

- Control of air parameters: dew point, relative humidity, air temperature;

- Control of preparation of painting compositions;

- Control of substrate temperature;

- Control of wet film thicknes;

- Control of thickness of finished coating.

The compliance of the quality standards and safety. Inspection Board of the Company guarantees