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Offshore diving and hydrography

The PetroGas offshore diving and hydrographical department originates from 2006, when permanently standing diving department has been organized on Caspian offshore of Turkmenistan as well as the complex marine survey expedition has been formed.


By the date of 2011 PetroGas possesses resource and personnel base for a wide range of offshore diving and engineering-surveying works, attending all stages of marine structures: pre-design surveys, construction, inspection, operational facilities maintenance, demounting and water basins cleaning.




Specialization & Services 

- water basins: echo-sounding, sonar side-scanning, video recording, ground identification, areal cleaning, berths building attending and floating navigational facilities (buoys, beacons) installation;

- sub-sea pipelines: all types of engineering surveys, positioning and installation of monolithic and modular supports, coating repairs, linear parts laying, technological elements installation (anodes, cranes, spools, risers etc.), lifting and demounting;

- offshore stationary platforms: thickness gauging, reconstruction, including sub-sea welding, metal-ware demounting of any complexity;

- marine vessels: inspection, cleaning and thickness-gauging of hulls and rudder-propeller group


- general attending of 4 projects on platform reconstruction; 

- general attending of 10 pipelines laying, more than 70 km of total length, including trunk-line and concrete-coated 18-30” ones, about 40 km length; 

- inspection and attending of construction on berths, fairway navigational support, inspection and supporting ship sub-sea works; 

- more than 30000 of dive-hours on depths up to 40 m;

- simultaneous work up to 3 diving gangs on different facilities; 

- work in 24/7 schedule


- more than 50 qualified divers;

- 5 fast marine boats; 

- 2 decompression chambers and high-pressure compressors; 

- sub-sea welding equipment and hydraulic tools; 

- echo-sounders and side-scan sonar; 

- sub-sea video-recording and ground identification equipment; 

- geodesical equipment of high-accuracy positioning in realtime kinematic mode; 

- equipment for thickness-gauging and cathodic potential measurement on sub-sea pipelines and constructions