Concrete Weight Coating

From 2010 PETRO GAS Company has been running its own CWC plant. The CWC (Concrete Weight Coating) plant is currently located in Turkmenistan

Technical capabilities of the plant:

  • Range of Pipes Diameters for Applying Concrete Coating – 10” – 40”
  • Concrete Coating Reinforcement – Galvanized Wire Mesh from 1 to 4 Layers
  • Thickness of Concrete Cover – Up to 210
  • Obtainable Concrete Density For Concrete Weight Coating – Up to 3100 kg/m³
  • CWC Plant Capacity – 0,47 m³/min
  • Batching Plant Capacity – 0,6 m³/min

Technological Process of Application Concrete Coating:

  • Feeding Pipe To The Racks For Anti-Corrosion Coating Control & Repair If Any;
  • Installation Of Pipes On Transfer Cart And Application Of Concrete Coating
  • Pipes Weighing & Simultaneous Negative Buoyancy Calculation
  • Transportation To Storage Area
  • Damaged Concrete Coating Repair By Means Of Manual Gunite Machine
  • Installation Of Anode Protection