Specialization of the Company Includes the follow areas:

  • Trunk pipelines: oil pipelines, gas pipelines, condensate pipelines and product pipelines;
  • Distribution gas pipelines and gas distribution stations;
  • Compressor and pump stations;


  • Gas supply systems of settlements;
  • Liquefied petroleum gas terminals (propane butane mixtures);
  • Storage tanks for oil, oil products and liquefied petroleum gas;
  • Development of Utilities and related infrastructure of process plants and pipelines (energy supply, communication, water supply and sewerage system, roads, bridges

  • Natural and petroleum gas liquefaction units and facilities;
  • Marine terminals for loading and unloading of oil and gas products;
  • Fire fighting systems;
  • Control and communication systems of oil and gas transport networks;
  • Power transmission lines, substations and switchgears up to 110 kW, autonomous power plants up to 10 MW, and electric lighting of
    industrial, housing and public facilities.