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Company Overview

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“PetroGas” Company was founded in 1998.


The basic profile of the Company is construction and rehabilitation of objects in the oil and gas complex.


“PetroGas” Company implements projects including EPIC (engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning) on construction of trunk pipelines, compressor and pump stations, subsea pipelines, oil and gas treating plants, tank farms of oil products and offshore oil and gas structures.


During implementation of these projects “PetroGas” Company successfully cooperates with design organizations of Turkmenistan, Turkey, India and other countries. The Quality Plan and control procedures are developing for each project. An independent third party inspection authority is engaged for certification of works on such projects. In this respect the Company has been cooperating with Bureau Veritas and Germanischer Lloyd.


Industrie Services Russland, L.L.C. for a long time. All works are carried out in compliance with the QA/QC system on ISO 9001. Thus, the quality system is regulated by international, interstate, national and departmental normative-technical documents, as well as appropriate internal documents of the Company. Over the period of time the Company has established close relations with manufacturing plants of oil- gas equipment and piped production from CIS, Middle East and Europe. The Company continuously conducts marketing for application of innovative technologies in building and usage of modern equipment and materials of the leading world producers.


Among priority directions of the company activity are development offshore oil and gas fields including reconstruction of sea stationary platforms and its pipe manifold. As examples there is a serial of projects on operational sea stationary platforms modernization at LAM-field in Turkmen shelf of Caspian Sea that has caused using of especially strong elements in design of the platforms, which provide their stability under influence of environment adverse factors. The construction of sub-sea pipelines over 70 km total length, rising and cleaning of the working pipeline, reconstruction of oil-loading terminals of Alaja and Ekerem settlement, as well as on-shore EPIC construction of Oil Processing Facility in Hazar, Turkmenistan, can be added here.


“PetroGas” Company has huge experience of successful cooperation with several major Customers, namely: “Turkmenneft” State Concern, “Turkmengas” State Concern. Today the Company is implementing a number of contracts concluded with Dragon Oil (Turkmenistan) Ltd. on carrying- out of works within Turkmenistan Caspian Sea offshore in accordance with which “Petro Gas” Company has been appointed as ЕPIC Contractor (Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Commissioning).


“PetroGas” Company is one of the leaders carrying out a complex of works for oil and gas industry including conceptual and detailed design, qualified engineering, projects management, logistical support and construction.